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Online along with the new 2013 calendars you can buy CD 10: 30 templates (size 24x30 at 300 dpi) for children with a discount if you buy both products.

2013 calendars: more than 80 layouts that you can download individually.

The range of templates for 2013 calendars includes almost 80 different layouts with background /text separate layers. The new collection was created to offer the photographer different sales solutions.

In addition to many calendars for children with drawings and puppets, the range includes sports calendars, Christmas and end of the year calendars, calendars for weddings and for Valentine’s day, multi-month calendars in every different version (12-page, two-month, semiannual, and four-month ones), and neutral calendars that you can customize as you wish, to satisfy any possible need.

The collection includes multi-photo calendars as well as different size calendars (paperback, 30x45, 30x60 and 25x75).

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